When news broke that Chance The Rapper was meeting with the Governor of Illinois, many people saw hope for improvement in Chicago. Cameras caught up with Chance after his meeting and he looked devastated to say the least.

"I'm a little bit flustered, just a little bit frustrated," he said before hiding his face. "I thought that went a little different than it should have."

Chance and governor Bruce Rauner spoke of many issues including the education system in the state. Lil Chano -- who besides music is a father who works as an after school teacher -- said he asked governor Rauner about funding Chicago public schools a sum of $215 million that was on the table in 2016.

"I care about the kids," he said. "We talked, for a second it sounded like there might be something happening next week. He asked me where the $215 million was gonna come from."

Apparently the governor only gave him "some vague answers." Watch his reaction below.