Celina Powell is famous for all the wrong reasons, that she is unashamedly well aware of. The "Black Widow" as she's called, has set her sights on her latest victim, a particularly beloved rapper from Long Beach California, Snoop Doggy Dogg. Powell has gone record saying her and Uncle Snoop even made whoopie to his Gospel Album but I digress.



YouTuber lovelyti2002 was able to grab hold of startling evidence which she then shared The Shade Room who then ran the story on their Instagram account and homepage. The materials are also viewable on Celina's private account (with acceptance to her page). One apparent "receipt" she used to build her case against Snoop is a screenshot of a phone conversation they were reportedly having, as well as leaked messages and photo of both individuals flaunting their upper body.


Snoop filed his response without dignifying Celina by name. He shouted out a fake documentary series called Clout Chasers. Upon reflection, there really isn't much else to say. Although we all secretly hope this story gets proven untrue, even with all the "reasonably" sound evidence at our disposal. Lest we forget the pregnancy she faked while Cardi B and Offset were gearing up to have their first child.