In the most dystopic news you've heard today, the CDC has released a chart indicating which facial hairstyles could interfere with potentially life-saving respirators, that are worn to prevent the contraction of diseases like Coronavirus. In the graphic, 13 different styles are check-marked green, meaning that they won't get in the way of properly sealing the respirator onto one's face, while 18 other styles have a red "X" under them, indicating that they pose a threat to the mask's ability to function. This is because hair can get in the way of the respirator’s exhalation valve, rendering it ineffective.

Coronavirus facial hairstyles prevent disease beard life-saving respirator masks CDCMarco Di Lauro/Getty Images

While the Center for Disease Control advises gentlemen to simply shave their facial hair for the safest respiratory sealing surface, soul patches, sideburns, and most moustache styles are among the 13 styles that have been approved.The CDC actually developed the "educational tool" back in November 2017 to instruct participants of Movember how to safely wears masks in the workplace, but the infographic is more relevant now than ever. In more uplifting news, a vaccine for Coronavirus has reportedly been created by a genetic engineering company in Houston. The scientists at Greffex believe they have found the cure for the fatal disease.