The woman who accused Casanova of confiscating her phone and breaking her jaw has essentially pressed charges against the rapper and his crew. TMZ has learned that Casanova is now a wanted man in the State of New York, as NYPD has issued a warrant for his arrest. His accuser Niya Rucker broke the story to a local news outfit as law enforcement worked clandestinely to locate the missing patchwork. In fact, the warrant was issued hours before she broke her silence, as the sun was setting in NYC.

Casanova and his crew are alleged to have attacked the woman after they perceived her to be filming without their consent. Niya Rucker says she was simply documenting her "meal" as a foodie would their plate. Rucker is said to be suffering from a possible fracture in her jaw and a facial laceration requiring 4 stitches. The attack was allegedly a tag-team effort, with certain members of the entourage restraining her movement, and others striking all across her upper body. 

Casanova and his attorney deny the attack even took place. His lawyer Scott E. Leemon told TMZ, "Casanova adamantly denies the allegation that he assaulted anyone. Any contention he did is totally false. We are in the process of conducting our own investigation into these false allegations."

Keep it locked for updates on this developing story.