If I learned anything about Cardi B this afternoon, it's that she has a loyal team doing her bidding. A prime example of t his loyalty occurred this weekend while Cardi B, her publicist, and her bodyguard were passing through an airport terminal in Sydney, Australia. Then out nowhere, a woman who was passively refused a photo opp yells out, "no wonder your husband left you," as Cardi B continued to cloak herself with a pullover sweater.

As you'll see in the video below, Cardi B's publicist decides to engage with the woman instead of letting the rude comment wither in empty space. Patientce Foster gets right up to her mug and gives her the square biz. "B*tch, I'll smack the shit out of you," she yells back within inches of her face. "Don't ever come out your mouth about her m*therfuckin' husband. Watch your mouth."

Though I sense loyalty in Patientce Foster's actions, not everyone on the Internet was too pleased with her reactionary outburst, especially the liberal stronghold on Twitter. But within hours of watching these opinions build from ground zero, Cardi B jumped onto Instagram to voice her approval with Patientce's handling of the situation, followed by a second video posting where she reiterated that her stance on celebrity life remains unchanged. 

"You need to handle your situation like this person, that person…bro, that’s not me,” she said on behalf of Patientce, and the values they both share. "Like sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m a celebrity 'cause the standards and the way y’all expect these celebrities to act…that is not me m*therfucker.