Cardi B has no censor button, as far as we know. She's constantly letting the world know whats on her mind through her social media platforms. Back in August, she asked her fans for their opinion on the female sexual enhancement pill, "Pink Pussycat." While the tweet may have been sent out of curiosity, "Pink Pussycat" saw a major surge in sales in the month following Cardi's question.

According to TheBlast, "Pink Pussycat" company is giving Cardi B credit for the business they've received in the past month. During the same time, a woman went viral after she shared a post describing in detail how her sex life changed after using the pill. There's a possibility Cardi may have seen the woman's post and began to dig deeper into the topic.

The people at "Pink Pussycat" said their sales surged after Cardi's tweet. They typically move 100K units a month, however, Cardi's tweet in August helped the company move 1M units in September. 

Because of the surge in sales, Pink Pussycat are trying to reach out to Cardi B because they feel like she'd be a perfect spokesperson for the company and some of their other related business ventures. In addition, they're also sending Cardi B a massive amount of Pink Pussycat pills as a sign of gratitude for her help.