Cardi B has enjoyed an incredible amount of success with her proper rap debut on "Bodak Yellow." The track has not only climbed the Billboard Hot 100 chart at a meteoric pace, but it has given Cardi a certified summer anthem that is now being performed by other artists at their respective concerts. Just take a look at Janet Jackson take some time out of a recent concert to spit the rhymes that Cardi has now ingrained in the public zeitgeist. Feeling like a big "thank you" was in order, the rapper decided to share a special message giving some major props to her fans.

Taking to Instagram, Cardi B shared a quick video giving her fans their due for playing a large role in her recent success. Even though she starts off by saying that she didn't want to come off as a "soft bitch" by making what some might deem a sappy video, she felt it necessary to show love to those who have helped her achieve an unprecedented level of fame. "Thank you so much for making 'Bodak Yellow' No. 2 on the [Billboard chart]," began Cardi. "I can't believe this s**t and, just to know that I might make it to No. 1, it's just like, I don't know, like, it's a crazy feeling." Rap's new First Lady seemed to be overwhelmed by the sense of her own accomplishment, searching for the right words to describe exactly what she's been able to do over the last little while.

"A bitch like me ... I never expected that s**t like this would be f**king happening to me [and] it's all thanks to y'all," added Cardi B, who went on to specifically list some keys groups of people who deserved extra props for the "Bodak Yellow" support. You can watch her entire Instagram video below.

The rapper also recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagen Tha God about a variety of topics. It's a loose, fun and energetic conversation that's definitely worth checking out. You can peep that interview here.