When you're Cardi B and Offset's child, you should expect to be spoiled for the majority of your upbringing. Granted something terrible doesn't happen to either of Kulture's parents or their careers, she's pretty much set for life. She's also the recipient of some pretty cool custom gifts, it seems. It's not every day that a major company sends you a box of your favorite cereal with your name on the front but Kulture Kiari Cephus got just that.

The baby girl's family will be helping to lower their cholesterol through a healthy breakfast as General Mills gifted Cardi B and her husband a custom box of Honey Nut Cheerios. It looks just like any other box of the popular food except for the fact that instead of the product's name, "Kulture" is written on the box. The best part about the gift is the slogan written underneath, which seems accurate for both Cheerios and Kulture: "Specially made with lots of love." What do you get the kid that has pretty much everything she could ever ask for? A custom cereal box isn't a bad idea.

Bardi has been teasing the imminent release of her "Money" music video, which should come in the next few weeks. The star also revealed that she has lost a ton of weight since giving birth, complaining that she can't stop shedding the pounds.