A lawyer representing Giovanni Arnold, the man who got beat down by Cardi B and Offset's bodyguard back in May, is unable to track down Cardi to serve her with court documents. According to  Page Six, attorney Daniel Szalkiewicz cannot move forward in his civil case because Cardi has yet to receive proper legal papers. 

“Diligent attempts to locate Cardi B … have so far been fruitless and the parties’ dedication to avoiding responsibility for their actions has made it impossible for plaintiffs to serve them within the 120-day limit,” Daniel wrote. “New York courts have broad discretion to grant an extension of time to serve the summons … here plaintiff can establish `good cause’ for an extension of time and that doing so is in the `interest of justice.’”

Daniel filed Giovanni's lawsuit on May 16, opening a 120-day window to serve both Cardi and Offset. The Migos rapper did get served once after a man tried to shove the legal papers into Offset's SUV window, but as the video evidence shows, Offset threw the papers out of his window as he drove off.