Cardi B came through with another boisterous address that began with an alarming declaration. "Yes, it's true," she said. "Cardi B got arrested in Las Vegas, in the Palms, b*tch." The rest of her account makes the opening statement seem like just another made-up saying crafted by the rapper. She goes on to speak about her residency without mentioning any legal issues.

Apparently, her being "arrested" is a tongue-in-cheek way of qualifying the show she is planning in Sin City. Residencies are viewed as a steady gig for mature entertainers, and while this might have been true in the past, Cardi along with Drake have ended this perception. The "Bodak Yellow" star is clearly proud of her residency and wants all the naysayers to know why she deserves this kind of high-profile attention. She addressed those who have pointed out the fact that she only has one album out, making a residency a peculiar move. "I bring bitches out," she said in response. "Cause nigg*s do they research and they see that Bardi bring mother fuckers out. And you know who bring hoes? Niggas with motherfucking money and spend it. Ya heard?"

She invites everyone to come "party with Cardi" and stop "trying" her with their claims of her not having "legend status." The new gig is actually quite suitable for an artist who might not want to tour. Considering her responsibilities as a mother, the equivalent of a musical 9 to 5 is a legit way to keep the stacks coming and her infant daughter by her side.