In late July, reports of Cardi B's strip club brawl surfaced. The rapper was being accused of ordering a beat down on one particular woman who was working at the bar. Jade, who was said to be Offset's jumpoff was the main target. Her sister Baddie G got caught in the crosshairs.

Now that the issue has become legal, sources close to the family assert that all of this has been a fabrication of those strip club workers. According to these sources, Cardi B and Offset believe that the two women in question are simply chasing clout and potentially looking to score a bag from their fame. The nonsense, which includes Offset's supposed cheating, is being advertised to prompt their popularity.

Cardi B is said to deny being involved in the altercation in any capacity. She did not order the attack and did not throw a bottle like the sister's insisted she did. The strip club bartenders have reportedly initiated a lawsuit against the "Ring" rapper. They are suing the new mother for "severe injuries" caused by the fight that went down in NYC.

It's likely that Cardi's denial is valid considering how public she was about her latest beef. The rapper was caught on film scrapping with her fellow female emcee Nicki Minaj this weekend.