If there's one thing we've learned from Cardi B and Offset, it's that they continue to up their status as arguably the cutest couple in hip-hop. The pair got engaged late last week, when Offset proposed to Cardi during a Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia. To the excited screams of those in attendance, she said yes and a romantic pairing that has taken the music business by storm will undoubtedly be making things official in the near future. BET is even on board to help turn their nuptials into a TV event down the road. What could be better? Well, this video of Cardi B being all adorable with her boo might come close.

In a clip from her Instagram story, Cardi is seen clowning her fiancee invited her to hit the clubs with him that night and promptly fell asleep. Cardi did everything to try and coax him out of his slumber, from playing some trap beats at high volume to fiddling with his chains, but it all seemed to be for not. Offset finally does wake up and play-tackle his future bride towards the end of the video, but he seems like a man who was perfectly content to enjoy the rest of his prolonged nap. Sometimes, a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do. Check out a reposting of the video below.

Offset's engagement to Cardi B was not an inexpensive affair, gifting her a ring that is libel to make many men shuffle their feet in response. According a report that we published earlier today (November 1st), the ring reportedly ran him up a bill that totaled more than half a million dollars - $550,000 to be exact. Made up of an 8-carat stone, 2 half-carat pear diamonds and 2 carats worth of pink and white gems, the bling was constructed by Pristine Jewelers and took nearly two months to put together. The ring was ready on the day that Migos and Cardi B were slated to make an appearance at that Powerhouse show in Philly, which must have made that pickup a little on the last-minute side.

How extravagant will Offset and Cardi's wedding be? Will it top the party put on by Gucci Mane and Keshia Ka'oir? Sound off below.