Cardi B is a fascinating case study of an improbable road to success in the hip-hop world. Once an admitted stripper and sometimes-escort, she worked her way up to becoming a reality TV fixture and, now, one of the hottest rappers to emerge into the scene in 2017. Along the way, she's polarized fans and critics alike with her take-no-prisoners approach to the haters, a stance that continued this weekend during a concert performance.

"You know this bitch," proclaimed Cardi B while on stage in front of a crowd of adoring fans. "She never f**king liked me and now, all of a sudden, she wants to be friends with me,  you know this bitch?" Speculation has been rampant online as to who she's talking about, with the most common theory concluding that the mystery woman in question is Nicki Minaj, a rapper who she's been compared to most often during her rise to prominence. There has been no official acknowledgement or denial of this implication by Minaj or any of her reps.

Cardi isn't about to avoid the Nicki Minaj comparisons in the short term, at least as long as her music continues to rocket up the charts. She's now the highest-charting female emcee since her "No Frauds" counterpart, with no end to success in sight for her single "Bodak Yellow." It seems like this potential rivalry could be around for a little while yet.