Cardi B and Offset are one of the most entertaining couples to keep up with in the industry. The two teased an epic rap battle on social media this week, and fans were excited about the matchup.  To be honest, I was expecting a spectacle of some sort. Possibly a performance with fireworks and dancers as Offset and Cardi dropped revealing yet hilarious bars about each other. Something like Lip Sync Battle, but more gutter. The rap battle as we know it didn't occur though, as it appears Cardi and Offset were trolling fans. Instead of a rap battle, we got a wrap battle. 

To be fair, neither Cardi nor Offset specified what type of "wrapping" they meant. All through the TikTok app, Cardi and Offset challenged each other to a gift wrapping contest. Cardi goes first, "Alright Offset, beat that," she gloats after accomplishing her task. "Babe, you call that wrapping? Don't know how to wrap," Offset fires back. The Christmas themed wrap battle is fun, and brings out the playful side in both Cardi and Offset. It's pleasant to see a power couple playing around, diving into the holiday spirit. Watch the epic wrap battle below.