The competitive gaming industry is proliferating at an incredible rate, even Canada. Investors in Richmond, British Columbia, a few miles North of Washington state lines, will build the country's first-ever Esports Stadium to comply with pro-am competition. The facility will seat 250 spectators and 40 gaming booth, as well as a section dedicated to casual finicking and demos. We are perhaps a decade away from seeing the days of nationally televised tourneys in the thousands.

The Gaming Stadium facility is more than just opportunism at the core, investors are pouring their heart and soul into the initiative. There's a hope gamers of all ages will be energized and reoriented to reach outside the confines of their milieu to advance their gamesmanship. The facility will offer gaming experiences for players of "all skill levels" in addition to the major tourneys it hopes to engender.

With the financial backing of Myesports Ventures Ltd. the executive committee hopes to finalize contruction by 2019.  "We have so much in store for everyone and we are excited to continue making announcements leading up to launch," said Myesports CEO Dan Cybak, "This is going to change the landscape of Esports in Vancouver."

While not sketchups exist of the external and internal layout, expect the Gaming Stadium to look a lot like the industry standard.

Stay peeled.