It was an emotional night for the Warriors at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto last night. Kevin Durant made his first appearance on the court for the NBA Finals against the Raptors but unfortunately, he suffered from another injury that seems like it'll take him out for the rest of the NBA Finals. Many were quick to point the finger at the Warriors for putting KD on the court, even though he was still recovering from previous injury while others praised Kevin Durant for his commitment to play. 

Killa Cam took to Instagram to send his well-wishes to Kevin Durant following his injury during Game 5 against the Raptors. Instead of calling out the Warriors for putting KD in the game, Cam'ron thanked for giving a truly historic performance last night. "We live in a era where players put money, contracts and they’re health first. (As they should) but just to see Kevin Durant take the floor last night was special," he said before comparing Durant's performance to when Isaiah Thomas putting up 25 points with an injured ankle and Willis Reed helping the Knicks win a championship "on one leg."

"So to see KD even get on that floor Gave me a chill," he continued. "I just want to thank KD for trying to put forth a effort that doesn’t happen anymore. And trust me no one is more hurt then he is. Of course physically, but as a competitor. My love and prayers go out to him. And I know he’ll be back better and tougher."

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