There's been a lot of music that came out this year but one song in particular stands out. Big Shaq's "Mans Not Hot" took over the world after he rapped it on "Fire In The Booth." At the time, many just thought it was a freestyle but Big Shaq later revealed that it was a fully recorded song that he had in the stash. After its release, the track and the video both ended up becoming a massive hit in the UK and overseas. Since then, Big Shaq's been getting major recognition from some of the biggest stars in the world including one of hip hop's OG's.

In a recent performance in London, Busta Rhymes popped by one of Big Shaq's performances at Tape London. Before Big Shaq began to perform his hit single, Busta Rhymes gave the London fans a teaser of the upcoming "Mans Not Hot" remix. Busta said it was an Christmas gift to those in attendance but he didn't mention anything about when it would be released. Regardless, it definitely sounds fire and Busta even comes through with his own set of adlibs that compliment Big Shaq's. Hopefully, it surfaces before the year ends.

The success of Big Shaq's "Mans Not Hot" propelled his career to another level. While it first bubbled in the U.K., he ultimately became well known in America and Canada as well. On top of that, his song became so well known, that even British MP's quoted his song during a debate in the House Of Commons.

Check the clip below.