It's been a minute since Busta Rhymes and Dr. Dre cooked up. Fans likely remember the stellar batch of Genesis tracks, which included "Truck Volume," "Break Ya Neck," and "Holla." Something about Dre's "cathedralish bounce" (as Busta so aptly described it) seemed to spark a creative fire under Bus-a-Bus, and it wasn't long before the legendary Flipmode rapper joined the ranks of the Aftermath staff. While the pair only dropped one album, The Big Bang, before parting ways, Busta and Dre never experienced any bad blood or animosity. Now, it would appear that they're once again looking to capture the magic, as indicated by a few exciting photos.

With his upcoming solo album on the docket, it looks like Busta Rhymes has once again enlisted a newly bearded Dre for some production responsibilities. "Back in the Kitchen wit the good @drdre adding the finishing touches," writes Busta, tagging longtime Dre collaborator Focus in the process. "You mutha fucka’s are in really BIG fucking trouble," he warns, in a subsequent photograph. 

The reunion is a big win for hip-hop. Dre and Busta had truly unique chemistry, often favoring dark, ghoulish bangers; the quintessential early millennium Aftermath way. Hopefully, the pair can once again come correct, as the game could certainly use a reminder the platinum era's triumphant run. Look for big things to come out of the Flipmode camp, even if Dre is merely overseeing the engineering side. What's your favorite Busta & Dre collaboration?