Busta Rhymes is a true competitor. Look no further than the recent anecdote he shared detailing his legendary high-school battle against Jay-Z, who ultimately took the win thanks to his dexterous triplet flow. Since then, Busta has built up a legacy as one of hip-hop's greatest rappers of all time, boasting a stacked discography and collaborations with damn near every fellow legendary emcee. It's no wonder he remains so confident about his repertoire, as evidenced during a recent interview on The Fat Joe Show.

Busta Rhymes T.I. Fat Joe

Prince Williams/FilmMagic/Getty Images

From the sound of it, Busta is actively seeking a position in the upcoming second season of Verzuz -- and given how close he is to Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, both of whom have laced several of his bangers, it's entirely likely he scores a placement. As for a potential opponent, it seems like Busta knows exactly who he wants to face.

"From one brother that loves you, to a brother that knows I love him," begins Busta, speaking directly to T.I. "I'm begging you to step in the ring with me. I'ma bust your ass." The challenge is enough to send Fat Joe into a maniacal screaming fit. "Let me tell you something," Busta continues. "We gon' do it with grace, but I'ma bust T.I. I'ma bust your ass. Come on, T.I, let's have fun. Let's have fun T.I." 

It's no secret that Tip has been actively seeking a match-up with 50 Cent, so one has to wonder how he'll react to such a direct call-out from his "Hurt" collaborator. Of course, their respective repertoires are no jokes, and it's possible that a T.I. vs Busta Rhymes battle would be one of the closest we've seen thus far. Here's hoping that season 2 of Verzuz can deliver in that regard. Check out the exchange below, and keep an eye out for Busta Rhymes' ELE 2: The Wrath Of God, set to arrive on October 30th.