Some of the social media managers working for fast food restaurant chains really do have too much fun at their jobs. We've seen rap beefs break out between Wendy's and a slew of other chains, culminating in an actual mixtape release. Just a month ago, Burger King activated their troll status by taking a dig at McDonald's, clowning them and their Big Mac sandwich. Now, the chain is back but they've got a different opponent: none other than Colonel Sanders himself and his restaurant, KFC.

Burger King is introducing a brand new item to their menu, preparing the new grilled chicken sandwich and taking a shot at KFC in the process. The new burger was introduced to the menu by the King of Flame Grilling, wrapping up the sandwich in KFC-style packaging. However, the new acronym is KFG. 

The company's mascot, who usually dresses up in full royal garb, was rocking a suit that only Colonel Sanders knows where to find. A limited number of locations is even handing out the new sandwich with the advertised KFG packaging, just in case you needed more shade. The menu addition became permanent today with the item being sold for $4.99. Do you prefer KFC or Burger King?