Grammy golden boy Bruno Mars is still coming off a big Album Of The Year win, but the 24K Magic singer is already looking toward the future. With another Super Bowl in the bag, Bruno has already voiced his plans to make next year's game one of the best in recent memory. Upon discovering that the 2019 Super Bowl would be taking place in Atlanta, Bruno Mars took to Twitter to hit up the NFL with a potentially legendary suggestion. He wastes little time in dropping some knowledge on the organization, tagging the NFL writing "you have the opportunity to celebrate incredible Hip Hop Artist from Atlanta Next year."

He than proceeds to suggest a few of the legendary Atlanta emcees who would be ideal picks. "Outkast. T.I Gucci, lil jon, Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri just to name a few," says Bruno. "it would be the best party Tv has ever seen!" Great suggestions, but how are you going to do an ATL legend round-up without Ludacris? Either way, the idea is definitely solid, although it's hard to believe that the NFL would ever go for it - not even if Bruno himself helps curate the event. "Shit I just wanna help curate that show, and I’ll only charge like a billion."

Sadly, the Super Bowl half-time ceremonies are generally reserved for pop stars, and even the more hip-hop adjacent ones like Justin Timberlake often opt for a more commercial outing. Who knows? Perhaps the NFL will see the light and pay homage to Atlanta hip-hop - we'll only have to wait a year to find out.