Daniel Cormier joined select company last night when he jumped divisions to challenge UFC Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic. Cormier's first round KO made him the first competitor to hold the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight straps simultaneously. The clincher was a right elbow coming out of a clinch, resulting in the big fellow dropping to the ground. Cormier proceeded to fire shots while his opponents lay defenceless, forcing the referee to call the fight right there and then with 27 seconds remaining on the clock.


Cormier's weight jump was only the 3rd "Superfight" in UFC history, the first two were fights that shifted the MMA landscape dramatically: GSP vs BJ Penn in 2009, and Conor McGregor's most recent fight in the sport. After getting his hand raised, Cormier played host to a ringside Brock Lesnar who decided to crash the festivities, in an apparent hype-job for a future tilt. "Push me now, and you're going to sleep later," Cormier yelled at Lesnar while the two locked antlers. "Your days are in the past. In the stone age." Brock Lesnar, considered one of the biggest PPV draws in history, is expected to return to MMA later this year. Lesnar is currently contracted with the WWE, but his contract runs out in August.

In the Co-Main Event at UFC 226 Heavyweight Derrick Lewis continued his progression up the Heavyweight ranks with a decision victory over Francis NGannou. If Cormier were unwilling to rest until Lesnar is made available, Lewis would happily step right in. Before the event, Lewis told Cormier he was bound to "knock him out." Bear in mind, Cormier still has Light Heavyweights knocking at the door for their shot as well. Many options lie ahead.