With a larger-than-life appearance like his, Rick Ross is the last guy you'd expect to be difficult to locate, but that's exactly what a British concert promotor is having trouble with. Christian Ezechie of the promotion company Executive Decision claims that Rozay owes him $200,000 for a concert he never showed up to, but cannot get in contact with him.

According to Page Six, Ezechie and his company have been on a "wild goose chase" trying to track down Ross after he and several other members of Maybach Music Group failed to show up to a 2012 performance at London's Wembley Stadium for which they had already been paid $200,000 to play. After filing an official suit in October, Ezechie says “despite numerous and diligent attempts... we have been unable to locate the defendants,” who include Ross, Meek Mill, Wale and Omarion.

So far, Ezechie and his lawyers have been led to a Miami address claimed by Ross that turned out to be a UPS store, been told by someone in his actual house that they "don't know" where Ross is, and say that “process servers are hesitant to serve him while he is surrounded by security guards” at his shows.

“It’s blatant robbery he’s doing, and he’s an artist worth $50 million,” Ezechie says, “We are prepared to track him to the ends of the earth.”