Hip hop has always been a young man's (and woman's) game. With that being said, artists seem to be generating buzz younger than ever, usually finding an audience long before they sign a deal. We've been seeing an increasing number of new faces over the last few years, but not all of them stick around for too long. In 2016, there were quite a few artists who broke the barrier of pure internet hype to suggest further success down the road, and while there's no telling what the future will hold, we've selected 8 new artists who made a real impact this year. 

Some of them we already knew last year, some of them were more divisive than others, and one of them had already found success in his group before hinting at what he could do solo. Take a look through the selections in the galleries above, and let us know which of these artists owned and 2016, and who has the most potential to do great things in 2017 and beyond. Before you get too upset about omissions, make sure to check out last year's list (including Lil Uzi Vert, Anderson .Paak, etc.) here.