Boogie opens up about Everything For Sale at length, explaining that he has occasionally felt frustrated at the trajectory of his career pace. "It's every rapper's biggest weakness," says Boogie. "Comparing themselves to other people's success. I can't help but to do it sometimes." Yet the man has had ample time to clear his head, and now, is sitting on the verge of dropping his debut album on Shady Records.

Around the 16:20 mark, Boogie talks about his relationship with Eminem, whom he describes as _____. "Em only likes lyricists," says Sway. "He's a lyrical guy. We were talking about a collaboration you guys did, is that going to be on this album?" Sadly, Boogie plays unnaturally coy, prompting Sway to allude to an NDA or two. "It's from a movie called Bodied," says Boogie, "it's me, Em, and Anderson .Paak. That song might come out one day." Boogie explains that he did not, in fact, record the song in the studio with Em, but received it after the fact. Sway proceeds to ask whether the pair have cooked up anything in the stu, prompting a mischevious "who knows?" response from the rapper.  

Twenty-five minutes in, Boogie takes to Kendrick Lamar's "Sing About Me" instrumental, and showcases the sharp lyricism that caught Em's ear in the first place. Look out for Everything For Sale, dropping on January 25th; it's going to be a good one.