Drake shattered records when he dropped the Scary Hours EP. While much of that was due to the success of "God's Plan," which is currently sitting at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for the eighth consecutive week, he fed fans of his more lyrical efforts with "Diplomatic Immunity." The song was another effort that showcased Drake's incredible penmanship and reunited him with long-time collaborator and producer, Boi-1da. The two of them have delivered nothing but hits together. Boi-1da recently did a play by play of the "Diplomatic Immunity" beat and explained how the whole song came about.

Boi-1da joined Genius for their recent episode of "Decontructed" where he detailed creating Drake's single "Diplomatic Immunity." The producer first received a sample from Nick Brongers, who Boi-1da describes as someone who has a very cinematic tone to his sound. He skimmed through the track until he found a bar that resonated with him.

"Once I heard that part right there, I was like, 'Yeah, that sounds like magic to me," he said. "It sounds like you're on a yacht or something, sailing, over a luxurious dinner."

He ended up taking the sample and pitching it down a semitone because it sounded to bright to him which ultimately gave it that real mafioso sound. After adding some drums and a bassline, he knew Drake would fit perfectly on the beat.

"Right when I finished making this beat, I had to send it to Drake, because why not? I just really felt it was something that he could really get off on." He said, "He gave me the thumbs up on it and he said that he's gonna do something crazy to it, and he definitely delivered on that."