Bobby Brown's travel plans were derailed early this Monday morning when he was kicked off an airplane for reasons still unknown. According to TMZ, Bobby was sitting in first class when an altercation went down with someone else on board the aircraft. Because of the incident, everyone on the plane was forced to deboard and Bobby was held at the gate until the cops arrived. 

Mychal Watts/Getty Images

Sources tell the publication that Bobby was heard yelling at the cops that he was going to miss his brother's funeral but turns out his brother passed in 2016 and it was really his cousin's funeral he was headed to. The latest updates detail that Bobby admitted to drinking before boarding but witnesses on the JetBlue flight think staff jumped the gun with having him removed since he wasn't making a fuss when he was told he couldn' t have another drink.

Eventually, all passengers were allowed back on the plane after being delayed for an hour but Bobby was held back with the police. TMZ reached out to Bobby's team to get a word on what really happened. Keep it locked on the site for more updates regarding the matter.