Black Mirror fans that were hoping to view the interactive Bandersnatch story mode on Apple TV, Chromecast or Fire TV Stick have been given the proverbial shaft. Users who rely on those gadget boxes do not have the interactive features at their disposal. It all equates to just another unmappable quest unless they find alternate means to playing along.

As Twitter user jamieGroovement aptly demonstrates, an Apple TV message blocks you from getting past the opening credits. Mashable is reporting that Netflix has a loose explanation for all these shenanigans. Apparently Black Mirror: Bandersnatch doesn't run with "some legacy devices." In other words, if your device is janky, old, but operable, you might be out of luck. Netflix hasn't been too clear on what is causing the disruption, but they did say it comes down to an issue of "support."

Worse yet, many of the infuriated would-be Bandersnatch fans own all three devices implicated in the incompatibility issue, making their hardship all the more excruciating. Interestingly enough, other interactive services like HBO's Mosaic app are compatible with devices like Apple TV, which means in all likelihood, Netflix is guilty of lacking the foresight, or even the guile to forward its userbase better service. If you love streaming, this might be the time you diversify the portfolio and get a few other subscriptions going to compensate.