Blac Chyna and Kid Buu's relationship took a turn for the worst last night when the ex-couple reportedly got into a violent fight during their Hawaii trip. Police were called to their hotel room around 5 AM last night but things apparently got worse at 7 AM when Blac accused Kid of cheating on her. 

Blac reportedly scratched Kid multiple times and he reportedly slammed her head into a wall and choked her. Kid took to Instagram shortly after posting a video that was seemingly aimed at Blac, going off in Spanish saying: "Don't fuck with me. I'm a grown man." 

Blac's mom, Tokyo Toni, who has been trying to have a relationship with her daughter for some time has responded to the rumours basically shrugging them off. 

"She probably beat his ass. I mean, what the fuck, okay. She a tough girl, she can beat any bitch ass for sure," she said. "[...] Oh well that's what happens."

A few weeks back Tokyo announced that she was getting married and wanted Blac to attend her special day. "So, yes. I am inviting my daughter, Blac Chyna, a.k.a. Angela, to my wedding," she said.

"No matter what's going on between us, I'm going to always love my daughter. So, I do want her to know that she's about to get a stepdad [in] August."