Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni have had a very rocky and public relationship. Back in August, Tokyo shared a video that saw her go off about her daughter and how she was a mistake. 

"Blac Chyna, the name I gave you was Angela Renee. The disrespect that you have been giving me for the past, quite a few years, I’ve tolerated. Because I’m your momma, you’re the only child, but you better keep in your mind I’m a bad bitch," she said in the clip

After pleading to Blac, Rob Kardashian, and even Amber Rose at one point, Tokyo has come around again with news that she's getting married and wants her daughter to be there. 

"So, yes. I am inviting my daughter, Blac Chyna, a.k.a. Angela, to my wedding," she said, as seen in the clip below. "No matter what's going on between us, I'm going to always love my daughter. So, I do want her to know that she's about to get a stepdad [in] August."

She added: "My grandkids will have a new grandpa. Although they do have Eric as a grandfather, but Chyna doesn't associate and he doesn't associate much with her. But, we're gonna try this thing the proper way. So, having and maintaining a great foundation as a grandma, and as a mom is very important. But my child is grown — very grown."

We'll have to see if Blac responds, if at all.