The Super Bowl game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots was earlier this month and, as always, the game was gambled on by many. Birdman and AR-Ab made a friendly bet for a cool $200K while watching the Super Bowl game with AR-Ab picking his hometown Eagles and Birdman choosing the odds-on favorite Tom Brady-led Patriots. Though Birdman ended up taking the L, he came through on his deal, getting his Cash Money labelmate the money he justly won. 

AR-Ab posed with the cash on Instagram, confirming that the founder of Cash Money Records paid up in full and teasing that their next bet would be on basketball, saying, "Thank U @birdman5star Let’s Bet On The Sixers Next." Whether or not AR-Ab means a playoff or regular season game is unclear, but his hometown Sixers have been playing well as of late, netting 5 straight wins and currently sitting in the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. 

For a minute, it looked as if Birdman was trying to just forget he had made the bet, deleting his prior social media posts about the deal the two had made. Finally, it looks as if he made true on his promise.