Yeeesh. This Birdman/Lil Wayne beef is getting confusing, and is definitely far from over. We've heard Lil Wayne going at his Cash Money counterparts on his recent project FWA, and recently the two reportedly clashed while at the same Miami nightclub. As if that wasn't enough, it's now being reported/rumored that Young Thug and Birdman were behind the shooting at Lil Wayne's tour bus the other month.

Now back to the legal side of things, Birdman is suing TIDAL over the Free Weezy Album. The lawsuit, which was obtained by TMZ, claims that TIDAL is an "illegal intermeddler" and that Cash Money exclusively owns the rights to Lil Wayne's music. The lawsuit throws a few jabs at Jay Z's streaming service, stating that streaming FWA was "a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service."

According to the suit, TIDAL claims that Weezy gave them the rights to stream his music in return for an ownership stake in the company. Cash Money retaliates by quoting portions of Wayne's contract, which specifically says that Wayne does not have the power to license his own music. It doesn't end there, CM actually throws shots at the album itself, saying it got "tepid reviews" and could hurt Cash Money.

Birdman is suing TIDAL for $50 million.