Birdman has been put through the wringer when it comes to the legal happenings surrounding his precious Miami Mansion. The latest updates surrounding the luxurious property has to do with EMG Transfer Agent, who allegedly lent Birdman $12 million and are upset since he used his home as collateral. The Blast now reports that the lawyers who represented Birdman in his case against the agency have now dropped their client citing "irreconcilable differences and failure of communication."

The publication details how the law firms of Alan R. Soven and the Law Offices McArdle, Perez, and Franco P.L. are asking a judge's permission to drop Birdman, forcing him to find new representation. The "Money To Blow" rapper is set to head to court with the agency suing him in February of 2020.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

EMG Transfer Agent has also given Birdman notice for a deposition where they plan on asking him questions on videotape regarding his loan and inability to pay it back. EMG Transfer Agent first sued Birdman back in 2017, marking two years since the court battle has started. The Miami mansion was first put on the market for $20 million and drastically went down to $13.5 million.

We can only hope the court issues get resolved soon and Birdman finds a new lawyer.