Old Head Energy is, quite arguably, the magnetic property that fuels the world. Luckily, news occasionally surfaces to bring forth new surges, not unlike when DMX announced a It's Dark And Hell Is Hot tour or when Jim Jones dropped off his recent El Capo album.  Now, the cycle continues with a new announcement from the tried and true tandem of Juvenile and Birdman, who are following up their recent Just Another Gangsta album with a sequel. Wasting little time between installments, Baby took to Instagram to ring in the news, sharing an album cover and release date for the masses.

The project is set to arrive on July 12th, and while we have little in the way of details, HHNM's rumor mill claims that Mannie Fresh will be actively involved this time around. The narrative makes sense, given some of what Juvenile discussed during his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. When asked about why Mannie wasn't on the first one, Juvenile explained it was simply the result of bad timing. "Believe me, we did it so fast [Mannie] mad he not on it," explained Juvie. "We did it so quick and the flow was so tight we just kept it going. We definitely wanted him on it."

Did you enjoy Just Another Gangsta part one? If so, let your Old Head Energy flow freely in the comment section.