Another new day, another new development Birdman's legal woes. Birdman's been in a legal battle over his Miami mansion and things have been going terribly for him. Earlier this year, his lawyers dropped him in the lawsuit over “irreconcilable differences and failure of communication." While he has found a new lawyer since then, it appears as though he has some explaining to do over a quartet of Gucci bicycles.

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Birdman is being accused of refusing to hand over four Gucci bicycles to EMG Transfer Agent who were recently ordered to take possession of Baby's mansion and property. EMG Transfer Agent sued Birdman in 2017 after he failed to pay back a $12M loan and put up his Miami mansion as collateral. A judge granted them permission to seize the property and sent a court-appointed receiver to check out the inventory at Birdman's place including the Gucci bikes. Now, the documents state the “four collectors’ bicycles that were designed/manufactured by Gucci which were located at the Mortgaged Property" are now missing. 

The official is demanding that Birdman turn them over but that might not happen. Birdman's lawyer said that the Cash Money CEO actually gave him the bikes as a way to cover a $40K legal bill. However, the official isn't buying it. He claims Birdman had the bikes in his possession this whole time and wants the rapper to cough them over.