Birdman might be a Cash Money Millionaire but it appears as though the only way he can stay in that tax bracket is through his shady business practices. Over the years, we've heard through court dealings and word of mouth that Birdman isn't actually a fair businessman, especially when it comes to those close to him. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Tyga are among the artists signed to Cash Money who've expressed disdain with working with Birdman. But imagine the allegations made from people who aren't even in the music industry like that.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

According to The Blast, Birdman is being forced to cough up $1M to a former employee who sued him over unpaid wages. Nicolas Jose Penzo filed a lawsuit against Birdman, Cash Money and Pine View Management LLC in 2018 and was granted a default judgment in the case. Birdman apparently failed to show up to court which is why he now gas to pay Penzo $1M.

Penzo originally said that Birdman was terrible at paying him on time. He sued Birdman for $23,900 -- $15K for the $150 a day salary and an additional $8,900 in unpaid wages -- but later filed a new motion seeking a default judgment where he said that he believes he's owed far more than $23,900. He said argued that he needed over a million in damages.

"The Defendant gave me several checks which were returned from his bank for insufficient funds and currently owes me $30,000 in unpaid wages, not including overtime," the motion read. “I have suffered back pain due to the immense amount of work the Defendant required me to do. I was without work for approximately one year, suffered financially, physically, and emotionally because of the position the Defendant left me in, and therefore feel I am entitled to $1,000,000 in compensatory damages.”

Rough times for Baby.