Voting season is approaching and more and more ads are coming out encouraging anyone and everyone to make their way down to a voting station and cast their vote for a better America. The latest video on the important matter is courtesy of Funny or Die that sees comedian Billy Eichner lead a non-voters anonymous group meeting that hears each person explain why they haven't voted in the past, with Billy giving them suggestions on how to vote this year. 

Usual examples like working, not knowing where a voting location is, not knowing who to vote for and more were common reasons people didn't cast a vote in the past. But as Billy explains, voting not only effects the economy, health care, and the environment but it also may effect Post Malone. As previously posted Post dodged three major life or death events. 

At another point in the video, Billy compares voting to a Childish Gambino video: "It's very important."

Check out the full sketch below and vote on November 6th.