Bill Cosby's recent criminal convictions have become the topic of conversation for discussions being held around the world. Despite already being sentenced to several years in prison, the actor and his legal team are still fighting his conviction. Several sources have come forward to suggest that Cosby's legal troubles are far from over.

Cosby's 10-year sentence for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand and his distinction as a sexually violent predator greatly discredit his defense. A former federal prosecutor named Priya Sopori told The Hollywood Reporter, "[Cosy's] veracity can be questioned in civil court." She went on to reveal, "In a 'he said, she said' case, it makes a huge difference." It should be noted that there are close to a dozen women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault, and Cosby has vehemently denied all of their allegations. Now that Cosby has been criminally convicted, he will likely be obliged to pay millions in damages to most of the women who are suing the actor for defamation. In 2006 alone, Cosby paid Andrea Constand $3.4 million to settle her civil suit. 

One of Cosby's more famous accusers, former supermodel Janice Dickinson, accused Cosby of drugging and raping her in the 1980s. Dickinson is suing Cosby over a 2014 press statement made by his former lawyer in which her account was labelled "an outrageous defamatory lie." Dickinson's lawyer Lisa Bloom told The Hollywood Reporter, "California law allows me to argue that Bill Cosby has now been deemed a sexually violent predator and convicted felony sex offender, to corroborate Janice Dickinson's claim that he raped her. And I will."