The rumblings of a Big Sean comeback are slowly strengthening, and the desire for the long-awaited Detroit 2 is reaching a feverish pitch. At the same time, there appears to be an interesting conversation surrounding Sean Don, who often feels underappreciated in the grand scheme of things. A veteran of an acclaimed generation of superstar lyricists, Sean still feels like somewhat of an outlier, never quite revered as a lyricist to the degree he deserves. Yet now, at a time where bars, flow, and overall technical prowess are wanted more than ever, it's looking like Detroit 2 will be welcomed with open arms.

Big Sean Detroit 2

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

That is, if Sean can commit to a rollout. Luckily, the time appears to be upon us. Months removed from a few early tracklist teases, Sean has once again taken to Instagram to fan the flames of hype. Today, he confirmed that the recording stages of the anticipated album have been completed. "I feel nothing but happy!" he announces, alongside a few images of himself in the studio. "Finally done recording #D2." 

Given how openly Sean has spoken about his battle with depression, one that ultimately found him discovering harmony and peace of mind, it wouldn't be surprising to hear a more triumphant vibe on Detroit 2. Last we heard from Sean, he was gracing Nas with an emotional verse on "Replace Me," where many deduced that he was speaking about Jhené Aiko. Expect that level of maturity and grown-man subject matter to make an appearance on his upcoming full length -- though don't be surprised if he doesn't get back on his BS a few times, if only for old time's sake.