Beyonce recently announced her new partnership deal with Adidas to relaunch Ivy Park. Adidas is becoming one of the biggest clothing brands to work with musicians, teaming up with the likes of Kanye West, Pusha T, Pharrell, and many more. However, it was reported this morning that Beyonce had walked out of a meeting with Reebok before signing with Adidas due to a lack of diversity. Given Beyonce's track record, it wasn't a story that was too far fetched but Reebok has denied that this ever happened.

TMZ spoke to a rep from Reebok who claims that the story of Beyonce walking of Reebok's office because it lacked diversity is not true whatsoever. "The report that Beyoncé walked out of a meeting with Reebok due to lack of diversity is categorically false. Our discussions with Beyoncé and her team continued for several months after our initial meeting. We are disappointed that false information is being reported as fact," they said.

Reporter Nick DePaula made the claim on Rachel Nichols' ESPN show, The Jump this morning, claiming  Beyonce walked into the meeting and asked, “Is this the team that would be working on my product?”

“Somebody said ‘yes’ and she said, ‘nobody in this room reflects my background, my skin color and where I’m from and what I want to do.’ And so she kind of took a step back and left and it didn’t come to terms,” DePaula claimed. 

Peep the clip below.