Beyoncé is no stranger to the idea of dropping albums out of the blue. In fact, it seems to be her preferred way of releasing music. Bey is so big that she doesn't even need to promote an album and it'll still probably debut at No. 1 on the charts. As she tours the world with her husband, she recently celebrated her 37th birthday, sharing a few messages with her fans about how grateful she's been for everything in her life. Earlier this year, she and Jay-Z released Everything Is Love from out of nowhere and some of Beyoncé's fans believe she could be gearing up for another surprise release by herself.

The Beyhive has previously been wrong about their wacky conspiracy theories, notably mispredicting that their queen was pregnant with another child earlier in the year. While this most recent assumption has some weight to it, it could very well be another false alarm. Diehard fans of the artist noticed one of the photos Bey uploaded on her birthday a few days ago could be hinting at the seventh solo album of her career. The photo shows seven Beyoncés standing in front of a partially-hidden "Coming Soon" sign, which is being read as a teaser for the currently unannounced B7. Of course, the fans may very well be getting ahead of themselves but something about this current conspiracy seems to make sense.

Check out the photo for yourself and read what people have been saying. Do you think a new Beyoncé album is on the way?