At this point, Beyoncé is doing nothing to stop the rumor mill from flying out of control. She and Jay-Z are two of the biggest stars in the world and their movements seem to warrant media coverage for something as simple as going to the grocery store. When fans were speculating on whether or not Bey was expecting baby number four, they believed that tour footage appeared to confirm the arrival of the star's fourth child. The couple's favorite number happens to be 4 with both singers being born on the fourth day of their respective birth months. Beyoncé previously titled an album after the number and Jay followed suit, creating 4:44. While Queen Bey's appearance next to a giant number 4 on Instagram could just be in honor of her favorite number, some fans seem to think it has to do with her rumored pregnancy.

Now one-year-old, Rumi and Sir Carter might be welcoming a new brother or sister sometime soon. Posting photos from an impromptu photo shoot this morning, the photo grabbing many people's attention is of her standing aside a giant number 4 on the wall. The singer didn't write anything for her caption but commenters are up in arms about whether or not it's a simple coincidence or if she's somehow confirming that she's expecting. Of course, everybody could be reaching in a major way. After all, it's happened countless times in the past. But it's worth it to consider that a star of Beyoncé's caliber has every move calculated. At this point, she's no doubt heard about the rumors and whether or not they're true, she's egging them on with this set.

In your opinion, is this an innocent coincidence or is Bey trying to tell us something?