Fans are once again speculating (and debating) about whether Beyonce is pregnant. Video footage from one of her recent "On The Run II" shows the singer dancing and resting a hand on her stomach in the classic coy gesture of the pregnant celebrity. However, not to get too excited (or disappointed, as she may remove herself from the music world for a minute if she is indeed pregnant), the evidence in terms of a visible baby-bump is, at best, shaky. The bump, which isn't really much of a bump, has fans asking: "bloated or pregnant?"

The speculation around Beyonce's pregnancy comes after the symbolic reconciliation of her and husband Jay Z, with their aptly (and perhaps cunningly) named joint album Everything Is Love. Their recent public narrative, from cheating Jay and angry Bey on Lemonadeto the apologetic and mature Jay Z of last year's 4:44 to this years Everything Is Love and "On The Run II" tour, would continue well with the announcement of a fourth child. But, this kind of rumour has started and fizzled out before. In 2013, during her "Mrs. Carter World Tour," there were reports of Beyonce's "confirmed" pregnancy that came to nothing once the dust settled. So, let's wait and see.