Last night was probably not the best time to come out on stage with a full marching band, Taylor. After her opening performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift is being accused of stealing Beyoncé's creative ideas and it's all because of her use of a marching band. A few weeks ago, Beyoncé released her new documentary on Netflix, which details all the work that went into planning her historic set at Coachella 2018. During that show, she came out with a marching band and tore the house down. Anybody that thinks Beyoncé invented marching bands needs to get their IQ checked but considering the doc just came out, some people are calling out Taylor for possibly jacking the idea and it wouldn't exactly be the first time she borrowed from another artist.

Taylor Swift is one of the singers that faces the most backlash from her creative decisions with almost everything bound to get a negative reaction out of her haters. Sometimes, it's deserved and other times, fans are simply overreacting. In this case, the Beyhive seems to believe that a little too much of Beychella was recreated last night and they've decided to tear Taylor to shreds. When Bey used marching bands in her Coachella performance, it was to continue a tradition set forth in HBCUs. She was the first-ever black woman to headline the festival after all, so it made sense. Taylor's use of a marching band was misguided, at best. 

At the end of the day, this probably isn't a big deal to either artist. However, it's creating a world of controversy online.