Beyonce blessed the Beyhive with Homecoming -- a documentary exploring the lead-up to her iconic Beychella performance -- this week and it looks like she has more in store for her devoted fan base. Variety reports that Homecoming is part of a three-project deal that Beyonce signed with Netflix.

As more streaming services emerge and gear up to compete with Netflix, the streaming giant's tapped into one of the most faithful following in the world: the Beyhive. Sources said that Beyonce signed a three-project deal with Netflix estimated to be worth $60M. The price tag surrounding Homecoming, which Beyonce serves as an executive producer, writer, and director, is around the $20M mark. However, the publication notes that a source at the company disputed the financial terms of Beyonce's deal with Netflix. Apparently, Beyonce's decision to link up with Netflix is to deliver more visuals that will accompany the release of her music.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While Netflix managed to score Beyonce for three projects, HBO was previously in talks with her to secure the rights for Homecoming. With a reported $60M bag, Netflix ended up outbidding HBO. 

No details surrounding Bey's future releases have emerged yet but Beyonce's reportedly gearing up to bless her fans with another gift next week. According to reports, Queen Bey's TIDAL-exclusive, Lemonade, will finally be available on all streaming services next week on the three-year anniversary of the project.