The Big Pescado artist hopped on Instagram to share his current legal situation with his following. His caption reads as follows:

"I Have to Bring awareness to my industry. We get money and trust another man or company to handle it . Thank you @xxl for acknowledging this . Adam Yorkshire, If you retire and stop 🛑 handling artist money ill drop the lawsuit ... #saynotomgo#whydidyousayyoupaidmytaxes&didnt ??"

The suit reportedly claims that Adam Yorkshire, whom he enlisted to act as his manager, failed to follow through on basic managerial responsibilities. These responsibilities include, more specifically,  "the most basic duties of protecting and complying with income tax reporting and payment obligations." Berner, who releases his music through his own label Bern One, is asking for $1 million to compensate for the consequences of his management's negligence. Yorkshire is attached to the California-based business management consulting firm MGO.

This kind of situation is one we have witnessed other artists navigate over the years. Toni Braxton had to declare bankruptcy because of her team's mismanagement of funds. TLC also hinted at a similar situation in their infamous exchange with the press after their Grammy win in 1996. Hopefully, Bern's being vocal will serve as a warning to up and coming artists. If you want to see the rapper, unbothered and cruisin', check out his latest video for "Gettin' It" featuring Wiz Khalifa.