Anybody who clicks this article doesn't need to be reminded that Benny The Butcher is easily one of the best bar-spitters in the game at the current moment. If that wasn't already clear, his recent Burden Of Proof album should go a long way in solidifying his elite pedigree behind the mic. With the Hit-Boy album still resonating with fans, Benny has proven he's not about to let up on his momentum anytime soon. The Griselda rapper recently teamed up with Heem of the Black Soprano Family to spit some bars on Bootleg Kev's show, revisiting one of his own instrumentals for the occasion.

Benny The Butcher

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Queing up "Crown For Kings" off The Plugs I Met, Heem from Black Soprano Family sets it off with some intense bars; it's no wonder that Benny opted to add him to the BSF roster. "Can't stop now, West and Con had it locked down / Butch came through, now I'm bout to lock a spot down," he spits, staggering his flow scheme. "At sixteen I was a street n**ga, I used to package nickel bags then go and post in the street with em / n**gas wasn't in the streets with us, ain't never eat with us, see that we're on and try to beef with us."

After Heem wraps up, Benny comes through with some bars of his own, leaving us wondering whether "Crown For Kings" initially had two verses from The Butcher. As expected, he snaps with little effort, exuding formidable presence as he fires off heavy lines. "Conversations alone in the mirror, I told myself before this year up / I'd be a homeowner, and another millionaire up," he raps. "My life crazy, but I'm way too busy to tear up / so please keep them broke vibes from near us / I'm not the one to converse, by the time you mumble your verse, I'm in top-five company, comfortably gunning for first."

Check out the lyrical slaughter below, and sound off in the comments below.