This year, legendary jeweler Ben Baller stepped out of his previously-announced retirement to once again take his throne in the game.

Earlier in the year he designed notable pieces for the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Ferg, and Drake and now he's added a new chain for Tyler, the Creator to his repertoire.

In theme with Tyler's latest Flower Boy release and designed by the rapper himself, Ben Baller has put together a melange composed of a sunflower, bumblebee, rose, and lady bug as he presents nature's delicacy in the flashiest way possible. 

"In my entire career as a jeweler, Tyler has always been 1 of my all time favorites to make jewelry for," the veteran jeweler penned in a caption. "T always pushes me to execute the craziest ideas into jewelry format. And he's always been about colors and precious gems. Scum Fuck Flower Boy Custom link necklace. Designed by Tyler The Creator, Made by me. Wax cut by @jimmy_if 🐝🐞🌹🌼🌸 #FlowerBoy #IFANDCO @ifandco."

Earlier in the year, Baller sat down with XXL to discuss his endeavors outside of the jewelry-making world, and announced his plans to put out an autobiography, developments with his own Japanese whiskey company.

Ben also noted A$AP Ferg's role in reeling him back into the game after commissioning him for a piece for 'Yams Day.'