In the wake of the opioid epidemic in America that has affected the lives of millions, it feels like almost everyone's life has been touched by the death of an addict. It's that feeling of loss that hangs heavy in the air in the new trailer for Beautiful Boy, a film based on memoirs between a father and his son. The book has been transformed into a movie starring Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell, and the new trailer sends viewers on an emotional roller coaster.

It is rewarding to see Carell return to a more serious role, as he plays David Sheff, a father who is scared of losing his son to drug addiction. Chalamet plays Nick Sheff, the young son who is spiraling down a dark path and just wants to live his own life. The father and son sit at a diner table at the start of the trailer. Like many fathers do, David asks his son how he's doing, which leads to an argument soaked in grief and confusion. After that scene concludes, the trailer is filled with montages of interactions between the father and son throughout their lives, and this film is sure to get your tear ducts going.

Beautiful Boy hits theaters on October 12.