Bas is fresh off the release of his new album "Milky Way" that is set to be the biggest of his career. We gave the album a great review and it seems others are too. Like every artist after the release of their album, Bas has already kicked off his promotional tour (ahead of an actual tour) with an interview on Real 92.3. 

In the video (below) Bas talks about a lot. For instance, his collaboration with A$AP Ferg, "Boca Raton." When asked by Bootleg Kev if he's ever been to the Florida city he admitted, laughing, that he had not and that the name for the song is simply a placeholder for any place where people enjoy a lot of comfort and insulate themselves from the sharper edges of life.

He also talked about his favourite recent music which includes, of course, J.Cole's K.O.D. (Bas is signed to Dreamville, Cole's label), Astroworld and Mac Miller's recent Swimming

On the responsibilities of belonging to such a lyrical record label, Bas has an interesting, open view:

There's times when I'm not responsible, but if I can honestly convey that to you then it's cool. I'm not gonna front...There's times where I'm gettin washed and I'm doin' all the things that I shouldn't be doing, and you hear that in the record, but then there's a lot of times when I'm maturin' and growin' and learnin' and I gotta put that in the record too.

Watch the interview below: